Youth Empowerment Programme

KOREKPreneurs 2022 programme is open for youth who are innovating in any field with a validated business idea.

About The Programme

KOREKPreneurs programme is an initiative by KOREK Telecom in collaboration with Ruwwad Al Iraq that aims to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit among Iraqi youth and assist in the commercialization of innovative ideas, to enact employment action through successful start-ups, and contribute to nation-building.

About KOREK Telecom




KOREKPreneurs programme will provide innovators with the opportunity to define their ideas in commercial terms and to compete for substantial prizes that could be used to further the commercialization of their innovations. It will also serve as a great networking opportunity and resume builder! Even if you don't have aspirations to launch a startup, the program workshops will teach great problem-solving and design thinking skills that are high in demand by top employers today.

Innovation Workshops & Sprints

Workshops and coaching to efficiently develop and validate your idea using the latest innovative methods.

Innovation Strategy & Guidance

Transform innovation aspirations into a compelling strategy and actionable plan.

Technology Scouting

Provide a clear understanding of technology, innovation challenges, and opportunities across a business case to establish priority areas.

Solutions Scouting

Summarize the range of existing technology solutions and emerging trends.

Programme Details

Stage I

KOREKPreneurs applicants will have access to a series of capacity building and business development workshops to help them develop their business models and perfect their business plans for the second selection round.

Stage II

15 Semi-finalists will be selected to receive extensive training to help bring their innovative ideas to life & create their MVPs.

Stage III

3 Winners will be selected to receive one-on-one training to help them build investable pitch decks and will be invited to a Special Recognition Awards Ceremony.

KOREKPreneurs Judging Criteria

1- We are looking for an innovative idea that is Competitive, Viable, and Scalable.

2-The idea could be a technological-driven innovation. Innovation could also be in the raw materials used in the product offering.

3- The offered product or service must be new, at least in the target market or in its production or delivery method.

4- The idea validation must be done by collecting feedback through questionnaires, interviews, focus groups or other methods in the target market sample.

5- The founder needs to have a good understanding of his/her competition and able to describe his/her competitive advantage.

6- The innovative idea needs to be financially viable and profitable while showing potential for growth and long-term replicability.